What Sucks About Intuitive Eating

So this morning I had a breakfast burrito, and this afternoon I had tuna salad on a bagel. Right now it’s almost 7pm and I am not hungry at all.

Stop eating my fucking Birthday Blast ice cream! Jesus! Fuck.

Stop eating my fucking Birthday Blast ice cream! Jesus Christ! This sucks.

In fact, I feel so full that I literally feel nauseated at the thought of eating anything. I think right now if someone sat me in front of a plate of food and put a gun to my head, I couldn’t eat it (the food I mean, not the gun – well, I guess I couldn’t eat either).

I might get hungry tonight and I might not. I may only be hungry again tomorrow. Either way I know what I want: spaghetti and sausage, which my husband made for dinner tonight, and a scoop of Birthday Blast ice cream.

So here’s what I had to do. I put aside a plate of spaghetti and sausage for myself and instructed my husband that it is for me, whenever I want it, whether it’s tonight or not. That’s still no assurance that it won’t get eaten, and now I have to worry about that.

And then I saw my husband dishing out my Birthday Blast to our son – even though they have two other unopened half-gallons of the ice cream they specifically asked me to buy for them! So there are no guarantees that will still be there either.

And the worst (the best?) of it is…I so extremely UNhungry that even the trigger of thinking it may all be taken away from me can’t overcome the absolute feeling of BLEAH of putting any more food into my stomach right now.

Of course, all that means is that I’ll have to cook up my own spaghetti and sausage tomorrow (simple to do) and buy more Birthday Blast (Stater Bros. had plenty of it yesterday, there will still be more). But it’s an inconvenience.

There are things about intuitive eating that suck. They’re just not what you think they are.


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