Chinese Food: a Learning Experience

Well, folks. I haven’t had Chinese food in about eight years. Seriously. And I used to live on the stuff (ironically, when I was very thin – then again, at that time I’d binge on Chinese, then restrict to 800-1000 calories max for the next six or seven days).

So today, out of the blue, my husband suggested Chinese.

Oh, all right. Just one more spring roll.

Oh, all right. Just one more spring roll.

It was good, though not as good as my memory was telling me it should be. I had a small spring roll, a little rice, sweet and sour chicken and a forkful each of chicken fried rice and pork lo mein.

And let me tell you. I feel TERRIBLE. This just sucks. I don’t remember feeling this horribly bloated and practically dizzy from Chinese food – though in my earlier, Chinese-inclusive days, I was pretty much dizzy all the time from lack of food in general.

My stomach is sticking out much farther than it ought to given the total amount that I ate, which actually wasn’t all that much; it was nowhere near what I’d eat at a restaurant in my diet days, certainly. I didn’t even eat half my plate.

Yet I didn’t feel like this in the old days…or I don’t think I did. Was I simply used to it? Was the haziness of the binge blurring my physical feelings? Was it simply the MSG? I don’t know.

I feel like I’m about to burst. It’s a terrible feeling. I feel like I’ve just binged…without actually having binged.

Let’s chalk it up to a learning experience.


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