Week Two Weight

Yeah, yeah, I know. I swore I would never weigh again.

Then, like, two days went by and…You know the story.

Hey, I’m still new at this. Sue me.

So I did weigh and was shocked – absolutely gob-smacked, as my friends across the Atlantic would say. My weight this morning, at the two-week intuitive eating mark, was 209.8. That’s two pounds gone since last week at this time.

I shouldn’t be shocked. I shouldn’t be amazed. I shouldn’t be disbelieving. This is what all those books said would happen, after all. But a lot of books say a lot of things, and I’ve been fed (no pun intended) many, many promises by many, many diets – excuse me, eating plans in the past.

Here’s the thing. I did overeat this week – I’m sure of it. I noted it quite a few times on this blog. And I had one binge.

But I still lost two pounds.

It’s too early to go crazy and proclaim all of this a tremendous success, and I know the focus shouldn’t be on the weight (in fact that runs counter to the principles of intuitive eating), and I know it’s dangerous to feel proud of a loss, just as dangerous, perhaps, as it is to feel ashamed of a gain. Like I said, I am still new to this. But that number was staggering to me, and I thought it was worthy of note here.

On to the weekend – so glad it’s here! Whew, it was a crazy week. I feel like I learned a lot this week; we’ll see how I go forward with all that.


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