Ate Too Much, and it Feels Okay


Oh God, I didn’t realize there was a real issue here. NOW I feel bad.

I ate too much for dinner – tuna salad on a bagel, and a small but very rich brownie. I can tell it’s too much because of the way my stomach feels (believe it or not, I’m 99.9% certain that’s NOT a weird thing to anyone who has ever had an eating disorder – no, we really can’t feel our stomachs, not in the normal way).

And it feels okay, because I’m learning that when I do eat too much, my body tends not to want as much food the following meal or sometimes the entire following day. I think my body actually does balance itself out.

Now to curl up on the bed with a good book until homework time, and to tell my stomach that NO, I’m not sorry this time. Dude, it’s a learning curve. Quit your whining.


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