Lunch at Mauricio’s

Where you BEEN?

Where you BEEN?

So I admit it: we’re addicted to Mauricio’s Mexican Food and Pizza (yes, really) in Glendora. It’s in our own home town, the atmosphere is friendly, the food is amazing and Maurico is a real character, well-known for his greeting of “Where you been?” and his exit line, “See you tomorrow!”

I had a tamale, a couple forkfuls of rice (C, age 10, ate most of mine – he’s a rice fanatic) and a couple forkfuls of beans. Delicious. I’m pleasantly full and quite content.

And yes, the kids had pizza. You may or may not believe this, but the pizza at this Mexican restaurant isn’t just passably good, it rivals pizza from Italian places in the area. Of course, SoCal isn’t exactly known for its Italian (except in L.A. proper, which we aren’t), so that may not seem to be saying much. But day-um. GOOD pizza. I didn’t have any…just wasn’t in a pizza mood. 😉

Happy weekend and good eating, everybody!


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