And Here I Thought I Was Doing So Well

Oh well…it had to happen  at some point, I suppose. I was expecting it.

Just not, you know, two and a half days into the thing. But then again, this is me we’re talking about.

So tonight I had ravioli. I don’t know what gave me the ravioli bug. I had been thinking about it all day. I used to have ravioli all the time – low-fat, and in strict portions. But honestly, I don’t believe I’ve eaten it in 10 or more years now, perhaps partly because inland SoCal isn’t exactly known for its Italian food selection. As a matter of fact, I had exactly two choices…a $7 bag of “Tiny Elite Portions Apparently Flecked With Solid Gold” brand, and these:


A steal at $3.95 per bag. I picked up two.

Now, these are NOT small ravioli. In fact, they’re quite large, almost like mini-pierogi. They look something like this:


Once I cut the bags open and began pouring them into the boiling pot, I saw that they were not, in fact, the “minis” and therefore, I knew I could only have “a few.” If they’d been NORMAL-size ravioli (ahem, SoCal), and/or if there’d been an ACTUAL SELECTION of ravioli (again, ahem, SoCal), I’d have been able to have “many”…and I’d have been soooo very happy and felt so very smart with my day-um self.

God help me, I knew even before I started cooking them that I was going to be dissatisfied with only four or five, simply because it would only be four or five. It wasn’t going to matter that those four or five were like, the size of a small dinner plate. I knew, I knew I was going to want more.

And I did.

So how many did I eat?

About ten. Yes, really. Plus a bite of a Payday.

Weirdly, I don’t feel so bloated that I’m about to throw up or anything. Either I really did need ten gigantic ravioli (unlikely) or this wasn’t as big a b-word (okay…a binge, there, I said it) as I thought it was when it was all over and I sat there hating myself and feeling like a failure.

I pulled my shit together and decided that this was nothing like a typical Mel binge – which I won’t even go into – so perhaps it hadn’t been that bad.

And all I can do now is move on toward tomorrow.

By the way…day-um, they were good.


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