Stages of Hunger

So here are the stages of hunger, according to Sheryl Canter:

Am I at a 7 yet?

Am I at a 7 yet?

0 – Weak with hunger, running on adrenaline.

1 – Too hungry to care what you eat.

2 – Seriously hungry, must eat now!

3 – Moderately hungry, could wait longer.

4 – Slightly hungry, first thoughts of food.

5 – Neutral, can’t feel food in stomach.

6 – Satisfied, can feel the food but no discomfort.

7 – Slightly uncomfortable, food pressing a little.

8 – Uncomfortable, stomach painfully distended.

9 – Very overfull, so full you want to lie down.

10 – Stuffed, so full it hurts.

I just had some cereal. I started at a 4 and now I’m at a 7. I think I’m supposed to start at a 4 and end at a 6, but I’m not sure. The book doesn’t specify at this point.


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