And Now, For Something Completely Different…I Was Hungry, and I Ate

So, folks. Last night I had had my breakfast, lunch and dinner and I knew, I just knew my body “shouldn’t” need any more food.

Hungry people eat, isn't that weird?

Hungry people eat, isn’t that weird?

Despite myself, I of course began to automatically tally calories. Anyone who’s ever dieted can pretty much do that in his or her sleep.

I stopped the mental counting, but I resisted the fact that I was hungry after dinner. I just…wanted something. Not anything huge. But I wanted and needed more food.

After a couple of hours of mental self-torture, I thought: Fuck it. Are you kidding me? I’m supposed to not be dieting.

And I had a little mini-scoop of the leftover pasta salad.

And then I was no longer hungry. I had been hungry, I ate something, I stopped being hungry.

Imagine that.


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