Aaaaaaaaaaand Here We Go

Today's breakfast: too much of a good thing. But a great lesson.

Today’s breakfast: too much of a good thing. But a great lesson.

Do you really want to read yet another lengthy “tale of woe” from a life-long dieter? I didn’t think so. You already know my story. You may even be living it.

So I don’t really need to tell you, now do I?

At the age of 46, following 35 years of dieting/binging/lather, rinse, repeat, I am going to attempt intuitive eating. I actually began yesterday without my usual road map, A Book. Yes, a change of eating always comes with a book for me. Not to worry, my fellow dieters or ex-dieters: I have one on order. It’s “Normal Eating for Normal Weight” by Sheryl Canter.

I’ve been on Ms. Canter’s site and I don’t like her personality much (she seems to get defensive when questioned…relax, Sheryl), but I recall having read the book waaaaay in the past and eventually losing trust in myself and dieting again. I want to give it a fresh start now.

Ready, Get Set…Eat

So, starting yesterday, I literally ate what I wanted, but tried not to stuff. Yes, I’m aware that it’s much more than this, but I couldn’t wait for the book to begin, so I had three meals, and they were indeed yummy.

And amazingly, for the first time in years, I wasn’t hungry. I just wasn’t hungry.  Typically, even on “eat all you want of foods X, Y and Z” plans, I still have that niggling little feeling of hunger. By contrast, yesterday I ate, stopped and felt totally fine.

It’s the honeymoon phase, I know. We shall see what the future will bring. Just wanted to get started here, say a few words and, well, get the ball rolling.


This morning I had Raisin Bran for breakfast, a fairly decent bowl of it (not a huge bowl). I kept thinking, “I can’t be done yet, it was too fast, I WANT more” and eventually I decided to get just a little more to eliminate that “oh noes, I’m depriving myself” feeling. I ate two bites and…OVERFULL. Ugh. Didn’t enjoy it. Feeling sluggish now. Sluggish, but smart. And yes, satisfied.


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